Flux-50 NCF Filter

The Furutech Flux-50 NCF Filter
導體為線徑10AWG的α(Alpha)-OCC單結晶銅×3股,一端為內藏Furutech特殊15A電源濾波接頭(AC-1501R)另一端為頂尖之FI-50NCF碳纖維電源接頭可有效降低EMI電磁干擾,只需將原有的電源線連接Flux-50 NCF,背景寧靜度明顯提昇,聲音細節也隨之豐富了起來。


Furutech Flux-50 NCF 電源濾波線

「電源是好聲的活水源頭」,音響發燒友對這句話應該不會陌生,想擁有好的電源品質的方法相當多,其中最常見的一種就是濾波,這次要介紹的FurutechFlux-50 NCF 就是一款音響專用的電源濾波線材,過濾家中AC 交流電的雜訊,還你乾淨電源。用法很簡單,只要把Flux-50 NCF 串接在電源線與音響器材之間就行了。

從外型設計和型號名稱來看,Flux-50 NCF 應該是Flux-50 的後繼產品,短線身內的導體是Furutech 招牌的α (Alpha) OCC 單結晶無氧銅導體,經過獨家Alpha處理,也就是超低溫處理與環形消磁處理。另一項關鍵是電源插頭,Flux-50 NCF用的是最高等級的FI-50 NCF(R),其中NCF 是Nano Crystal² Formula 的縮寫,包含兩種「主動」的特殊晶體材料,然後再結合壓電陶瓷以及碳纖維粉末,可藉由產生負離子來消除靜電,還能將熱能轉換成遠紅外線。此外,原廠還特別提到,Flux-50 NCF 使用了GC-303 被動式濾波器,專門用來消除EMI 電磁干擾。


AC Power Can Make or Break Your System
The audio you hear from your home entertainment system is essentially the incoming electricity itself, and the typically violent storms riding the AC line and its ground is very detrimental to the performance of your components.

The Flux-50 is a sophisticated, luxuriously made and finished inline power filtering unit that eliminates many common problems caused by contaminated electrical power lines. It protects against distortion caused by ground noise, voltage spikes and sags, high frequency power supply noise from other components in your own system, plus high frequency digital noise from processors and digital interconnects.

You’re never alone when you take your seat; the residential AC supply is shared with other apartments, homes, and businesses on the same utility transformer explaining why many enthusiasts notice their systems perform to a higher standard late at night and weekends.

The Flux-50 features the Innovations Award winning FI-50 power connector. They combine two “active” materials: Nano-sized ceramic particles and powdered carbon. Nylon and fiberglass are incorporated as well forming an extremely effective, mechanically and electrically nonresonant connector body that may just be the most sophisticated in the world. And it incorporates the AC-1501R EMI-filtering IEC connector.

The Flux-50 Inline AC Filter lowers noise on every component on which it’s used resulting in very natural and extremely fine resolution down and through the utterly silent noise floor. It improves soundstaging and image palpability and creates musical highs, an attractive, engaging midrange, tight and controlled bass, plus you’ll notice power and dynamics to spare.

•Fitted with Furutech’s top-of-the-line high end performance Piezo Ceramic body rhodium plated α (Alpha) non-magnetic pure copper conductors FI-50 NCF(R) Connectors
•GC-303+EMI Filter AC-1501R Rhodium plated α (Alpha) non-magnetic copper alloy conductors
•Earth/Ground Jumper System (US Patent No.: 6,669,491 )
•Patent pending metal cable clamp improves grip and reduces mechanically and electrically induced distortion plus patent-pending specially engineered pressure plate
•Cable features an α (Alpha) conductor shield to protect against radiated noise.
•RoHS compliant flexible PVC sheath improves vibration isolation
•Special high-grade PE Insulation contributes to a reduction in capacitance.
•Dimensions: Outer Diameter 50.7mm max., Overall Length 30cm Approx.