FURUTECH 新導體素材α(Alpha)PC-Triple C 電源線

PC Triple C 的全名是Pure Copper-Continuous Crystal Construction,也就是具有連續結晶構造的純銅導體。如果寫成「PCCCC」那實在不好看,所以原廠稱其之為PC Triple C,好讀好記。PC Triple C 採取固定角度的連續鍛造,過程中施加更大的壓力,比起一般鍛造法所施的壓力更高萬倍以上,如此一來,可讓純銅導體的結晶邊界產生一致方向,這樣一來就成為連續性的結晶體。經過這種鍛造法製作的導體,不但更有利於電流傳導,更兼有出色的柔軟度與強度,可以抽成很細的銅絲,卻不易斷裂。


*Alpha PC Triple C conductor: 80 strands 0.18 diameter, 14AWG(2.0sq. mm)
*Insulation: Audio grade flexible PVC(Black)lncorporating damping carbon particles, diameter9.2mm
*Inner Sheath: Special grade Flexible PVC(Black) diameter 9.2mm
*Shield:0.12mm braided alpha u-OFC conductor
*Outer Sheath:Flexible PVC(Dark Green)diameter 12.8mm

Furutech’s α (Alpha) PC-Triple C is one of a select few of conductors that Furutech engineers have found to excel in sound reproduction. α (Alpha) PC-Triple C is made with Furukawa high-purity oxygen-free copper using a special forging process. Unlike regular OFC (oxygen-free copper), almost all of the impurities of this high-purity OFC have been removed at the micron level through a special casting process unique to Furukawa.
Purposely designed and developed for audio signal conductors, α (Alpha) PC-Triple C is flexible, strong and can be drawn into a very fine wire. This new conductor, while not single-crystal like PCOCC, features crystal grain boundaries that are almost totally free of impurities which allows even the smallest of signals to be transmitted. While PCOCC is a single-crystal conductor, it is susceptible to imperfections during production. Since α (Alpha) PC-Triple C employs a fixed angle continuous transport forging process, pressure is applied to the high-purity oxygen-free copper tens of thousands times. This ensures that any crystal grain boundaries that were present in a vertical direction become longitudinal, and the crystals become connected and uniform in their direction. This process also helps to remove the imperfections that are often found in PCOCC, which create a more conductive and acoustic conductor.
The resulting conductor has an extremely fine resolution down and through the very low noise floor, improved sound staging and image palpability, a musical, attractive, “round” midrange, tight and controlled bass, plus power and dynamics to spare to set your music on fire!